19 October 2021

Make an appointment?

Would you like to come and fit in one of our shops?
Even before Corona, we always help our customers by appointment.
This enables us to help customers in the best possible way and to have a member of staff available to advise them correctly.
Therefore, we ask that you always make an appointment before coming to one of our shops.
For Brides and Grooms this is mandatory.
It is also recommended for Ladies and Gentlemen’s Party Dresses.
If you come without an appointment, we will try to help you, but you may have to wait until the previous customer with an appointment has made her/his choice.

You can request an appointment with date and time by filling in our appointment form.

We will review your request and send you a final confirmation or a counter proposal if date or time is no longer possible, with all the necessary information.
Please make a selection of your preferred models, add them to your shopping basket and send them along with your fitting request.
If you have a maximum budget that you would like us to take into account for the proposed models, please add it in the text at the bottom of the request.
Please also fill in your size, so we can prepare your appointment in the best way.

Thank you and see you soon.

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