Get a bargain from our fitting models at a 30% to 50% discount!

Looking for the outfit of your dreams but at a soft price?

What can you buy: All wedding dresses from fitting models from our top collections that have gone out of collection (out of fabric) and can no longer be ordered.

For each model, availability sizes and the shop where they are available is indicated.

Click on the picture and you will see the information in which shop and in which size they are still available.

You will receive a 30% to 50% discount, but note that this discount is of course only possible if you make the purchase during your first fitting. When you buy on your second fitting you’ll lose 20% discount.

So make sure that you are well prepared and that the person you want to be there that day is present at your fitting. That way you can really make a bargain on one of our quality dresses.

When making your appointment, please note as additional info “I am coming for a Promotional Dress”.

Add 6 dresses you would like to see and try on, that way our staff can properly prepare your fitting appointment. Check of course that the models you want to try on are also available in your size. Tip : if you see a dress that is one size bigger than your size, know that you can have it made smaller at the personalized retouches according to your body shape.

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