Price information

Out of respect for our customers and their preferences, we do not state prices on price lists, websites, emails etc. We hope you understand. Many brides don’t want people to know how much their dress cost. You can find further information below to give you an idea about the collection prices.

Our prices for wedding dresses

On average, €1500-1700 for a Linea Raffaelli, Cala by Villais, or Fara Sposa dress, and €2000-2500 for a Cabotine, Novia D’Art, or Theia dress. If your budget is more limited, we also have dresses for around €1200. The exclusive dresses cost around €3000. Prices can vary slightly depending on the materials chosen.

What determines the price of a dress:

  • The quality of material chosen
  • The amount of material used in the style chosen (some use three times as much material as another)
  • The amount of detail (decorative flowers, lace, etc.)
"Exclusive dresses and suits for every budget!"

Our prices for a men’s suit

For a suit from the Couture collection: average €1200 (total outfit: suit made from the best Couture materials, with silk shirt, waistcoat, tie, and pocket square from €2000). For a suit from the Unconventional collection: average €900 (total outfit: suit made from Unconventional materials, with super Cotone shirt, waistcoat, tie, and pocket square from €1400). For a suit from the Business Line collection: average €500 (total outfit: suit with plain shirt and tie around €700)

What determines the ultimate price of a suit:

  • The quality of material chosen; the Couture collection models are made from the best materials with unrivalled charm.
  • Size differences between jacket and trousers, longer sleeves, or other special modifications can also increase the price.

Our prices for cocktail and party dresses

  • For a dress: average €450-600 (but there are also dresses for around €300, or for around €1200)
  • For a two-piece top/skirt combo: average €550-750
  • For a three-piece top/skirt/jacket combo: average €800-1100

We will be happy to help you find your perfect outfit in our shops. We have a very wide range of different styles and sizes.