Score a bargain from our GROOM collection with discounts from 30% to 50%!

Looking for a new suit but at a gentle price?

What you can purchase: All suits from our top collections that have been discontinued (fabric exhausted) and cannot be ordered anymore.

In this Promotion overview, the current availability sizes and the shop where you can buy them are indicated for each model.

Click on the picture and you will see the information in which shop and in which size you can still buy them.

You will receive a discount of 30% to 50% from us, but only on your first fitting. So make sure you are well prepared and know which models you want to try on and make a choice from. That’s how you really score a bargain from one of these quality suits.

When making your appointment, you must note as extra info “I am coming for a Promotional suit”

Add up to 6 suits that you like and want to try on, so our staff can prepare your fitting appointment well. Of course, check if the models you want to try on are available in your size.

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